Marketing support  
  Here marketing is very important as we said franchisee fees is not a profit to the company. The revenue comes on franchisee earning. The revenue will generated by different channels so that marketing is very important we give exclusive marketing support on your location with your employee or with franchisee. We give online marketing support also with our help desk. Franchisee will be provided with Sales & Marketing tools like brochures, leaflets, posters, audio visual aids, PPT, manuals etc. Franchisee is not required to have a designing & development unit to create solutions of clients. The entire technical designing & content development is done by the BIG V & franchise just need to concentrate on sales of the region  
  In this kind of business the total business in the allocated area we will be depending more on the franchisee. We are looking some qualities like zeal and passion in the business, understand the scope and the industry, good contacts, keen interest starting the new business  

A minimum of 150 sq. feet area for back office operations. As we deliver demonstrations to the clients we don't require to walk in to our premises
Even a rental space or a residential space can do.
Can also use existing office space.
  5 steps to become a franchisee  
  • meeting and discussion
  • short listing the profile
  • agreement
  • material and brochures
  • marketing.