Smart Campus  
  The wait is over now maintaining your campus is a easy. Here we are introducing a new technology to make your campus as a smart campus with great futures. Every institution loves to have this facility without any extra hardware or machines. Send any kind of information with voice messages to parents or anyone. They will get the attendance report by entering unique student id. The student was absent for how many days, dates etc. The better your school attendance, the more enhanced will be the school’s merit list. And they can get student academic report also so they can concentrate their child growth etc. Over all your campus will be a smart campus.  
  Some of the Benefits:  
  • Single “Fly Number” receives many calls simultaneously without extra phone connections
  • 24/7 students attendance, academic report and comments, suggestions on phone
  • Retry method, re-dials to busy or unanswered calls to delivery voice alerts
  • View call details and voice recordings of calla
  • Deliver voice messages in your regional language to all the networks like land line, GSM and CDMA mobiles with music.