Happy Netha  
  Government is By the people of the people for the people.

This is one of the unique technology with this our netha will be available to the people and party. The people will be vary happy for this kind of service which u provide .Every day we cannot meet each an indusial person to hear their problems in your place because of busy schedules. Every one want to express his problems they may need help, they want to give some suggestions to his leader. With this facility we can improve of work we will be available to your people 24/7with an easier technology.
  • 24/7 availability
  • U can send any information to the people with the help of voice msg
    ( Any new schemes, opening ceremony, starting any new project and meetings etc )
  • They can register their complaints by voice recording
  • By pressing one button u can hear their suggestions and problems
  • U can send greeting to the people
  • So many features are there to avail to the every person