Bulk Voice Calls  
  Bulk voice message or voice calls can send instantly to any network landline, Gsm, and CDMA as an incoming call. Any ware in the country as much as u want. Ware calling to many numbers personally and convey the same message is very difficult but with this kind of technology it is vary easy.  
  The Benefits:  
  • Way a voice message
  • You can send at a time huge numbers
  • You can send with your own language
  • Everyone can understand the voice message
  • There is no restriction on bulk voice message
  • Voice gives a rich feeling of one to one communication which is the key factor to build relationships.
  • It is vary lively, emotional and expressive
  • A layman or a illiterate person cannot read the text message but voice message he can understand the content
  • U can use for reminders- Bills, EMI’s dues
  • Party, events, gathering invitations
  • Marketing of products and services
  • Marriage, birthday and anniversary
  • Mass calling – surveys, lead generating
  • Announcements, notifications, Govt. info
  • Conformations, appointments, meetings etc.